I've just gotten a Pod X3 Live, I have it hooked into my computer through USB (is this right?), only one cable, It sounds like utter crap, every single tone I've tried, I even tried this guys Ride the Lightning Tone, which he shows an example clip how it sounds:


It sounds AMAZING, how the **** do I do this, everyone else's sounds amazing, I heard that you need to hook it up through a sound card or something? Can someone give me detailed instructions how to do this(Do I need to buy a new one? Mine is a what came with my computer I guess), Thanks.
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First of all, your POD should've come with a USB cord... you should be using that. Second, run it through your soundcard? What? Are you trying to record? The POD *needs* nothing to fire up and play just like any other multi-effect, and if you're recording, you basically set it up to function as your soundcard.

Also, go here if you have any POD issues or questions. By far Line 6's support community will get you the best results. In general too, if you can give us a little more information (be specific) about what you're trying to do and what isn't happening, it'd be much easier to give you useful feedback.
No, but everyone is saying they are setting it up recording through their Sound Card's "Line In" or something, and not using USB, I'm using USB, but honestly, my Spider III is a good compared to what I'm hearing it's that bad, it sounds horrible, and if this is all I get, this thing blows. Hopefully not though.
Live Rig:
Ibanez Rg 150R w/ Duncan 59s
Marshall JCM2000 TSL60 Head
Mark IV Combo
Marshall 1960a Cab w/ Vintage 30s
Ibanez RG1570 Prestige w/ Duncan 59s
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Currently in Ontario, Canada.

I don't typically record with my X3Live, but I fired up that patch you linked to and it sounds just like it should.

My suggestion would be to answer these questions:

1) Make sure your signal isn't clipping (either turn down the output volume on your POD or turn down the volume on your line in signal... or both).
2) What kind of software are you using?
3) Are you on a laptop?
4) What kind of soundcard do you have?
5) Describe your signal chain, starting at your guitar.

Take all that info, and post a thread on the Line 6 forum. I own a POD but I can't duplicate your problem, so you'll have better luck on the Line 6 forum, where the folks from Line 6 or the other, more experienced users will be able to help you.
Don't know if this is a factor when using USB or not, but make sure the X3 knows where it is.

If it thinks its going into a preamp, its NOT going to sound right.
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DUnno about the X3, but my xtLive can be configured for studio/line in or different kinds of amps, maybe you have it set on the wrong setting?
use the spdif, it's a higher definition audio. Failing that, they probably used it straight into an Mbox or something
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I have the XT live not the X3, but I don't think much diff in this regard.

If you go into the USB you can use the pod as a soundcard. You have to install all of the drivers and stuff from Line 6 to do this. That avoids putting too much burden on your PC. The other option is an external card which usually has it's own memory buffer.

Also, remember computer speakers are not good for reproducing the highs and lows of guitar sounds unless you have a nice 5.1 system or something like that.

I use my Pod into the PC, and also back out through the Pod into an amp for playback through my cab.

another cool trick is to use the pod as a mike preamp, and use a mike in front of your amp speakers and record to the PC. That gets really nice tone.

The pod is a good tool for playing around with basic entry level recording, but you will never sound like you were actually in a studio with high end gear.

Anyhow that's my experience with these things.
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Pod X3live
make sure you change the setting to studio/direct (if the x3 does this, i have the xt)
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i am debating on which one of these to get... i am hearing there is a lot of bugs in the live x3? what do you guys suggest?
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