So i just finished painting my guitar yesterday. I realized after i was done that it was a horrible job, so now im gonna strip the paint and start all over. My mom talked to somebody working in a paint department at a store, and they told her that I should only put on one coat of paint a day. And only 1 color a week! does anybody know if this is true? i really dont wanna wait that long
Sounds about right.. how i painted my old strat.. only thing that didnt come out good on it was the clear coat cuz i did it wrong.. painting can be time consuming.. What are you doing with more than one color?
im doing a reverse frankenstrat. with red and black stripes and then a white background.
Oh, well i dont know what to say about multiple colors.. id assume that sounds about right though, get your X ammount of coats on, switch colors, X amount of coats, switch colors.. X being number of coats AND days 8)
sounds like it's gonna be cool though. good luck with it and make sure to post pics when your done.
I bet you lot leave it as done when you've finished spray painting. what about the sanding and buffing at the end?
my recent finish. it's still scratched but I like that. I don't have to worry about all the little scratches made by the pick. all i did on that was after clear coating it and letting it sit for 2 weeks (may change depending on what paint used) I wet sanded it with all the grades of Wet and dry from 320 to 1200 (can use above too). to go closs use polishing compunds. and all i can say, don't use plasti-kote. it's ****e for guitars, as I've recently found out.
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