Any help with some generic delay settings to thicken up my tone and add sustain (aka David Glimour)? I have access to Tape, Analog, and Digital Delay. My gear is in my sig, I love my Epi and yes, I know my effects and amp are **** but I'm very poor.
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i usualy have my level at around 45 to 50 %, repeat at eather 1 or 2 and sometimes 3 repeats. delay time depending on the song, usualy useing a 800ms or 300ms setting.
sorry to thread jack, i got a DD3, any good delay settings for tom morello during his audioslave days?

but ya like the above poster said, 1 or 2 repeats however i have the delay at 50 to 70% effect. also i have mine at about 300 to 450 ms really depends