I currently have a good band. We are metal band, no concrete metal genre though. We only have two songs but they are good. One is a neoclassical thrash type, and the other is a Helloween power metal type. We have no lyrics for either one. Our singer is a girl that is not very metal. She sings old rock and some hard rock. We can't have brutal thrash lyrics or anything. My band also doesn't want power metal lyrics. I can only write power metal lyrics and nothing else, i've tried. I want something like sleepwalker and peace sells or metal church. Something in that nature. Do you have some themes i could use. NO SEX, or DRUGS. Maybe a war or book like dante's inferno or dracula or a historical person like JACK THE RIPPER. plz help guys. Also, which should i do: screw the band and do power metal, history, violence, or other. We also can't do any viking stuff because we are in Miami and are all hispanic except one.

Sorry if im in the wrong sub-genre. i couldn't find one because this **** is too complicated