well I wanted to know if there was a website that sells like begginer guitars in wholesales? like say for an example 50 guitars for what the price is.
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I hope he doesn't work at a school with a name like that, hah!

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^^ That's why I asked...

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If he was asking where to buy recorders whole-sale, I'd be a little more worried.
honestly, I am still young. it is just that I have been think about what I want to do with my life. And I would really like to start a small business, well like a music shop. But I still have a while, that Is why I am asking questions and things like that.
Starting up a local music shop may not be the wisest of choices with the economy in the shape that it's in.
When the economy is doing poorly luxury items tend not to sell well. I know my local shops are doing quite poorly right now.
oh, ok I see know. Well like I said, im still young I'm not exactly sure yet. But thank you
You could start up a music go round and deal w/ used instruments.
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