I can pick one of these up for $35... Should I do it? I already have a gt-6 but this seems a bit more portable for when I dont want to lug that around.

Reviews are decent... But for $35 I dont really want to pass it up
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Owned a verison of it and it was alright but not worth it. If you get anything get the Zoom G2 that was a nice little unit.

The only reason I ask is because its on craigslist in the town over and it seems like a good buy for $35 if its 1/2 way decent. Its not a this or that kinda thing
I guess you missed the its not worth it part. Thats why i suggested the G2... Plus i was able to get the better version of the 505II the GFX1 new for $45 bucks. So again its not worth it....
There decent, every effect is really pretty decent. Nothing really outstanding but comparable to boss is maybe a step down like in the digitech realm. So pretty good still.