so i own a schecter 006 deluxe and i mainly play classic rock and blues like led zeppelin, cream and jimi hendrix. occasionally i play heavier rock like guns n roses and i know i will need a pedal for that.

so i was just wondering if this is the amp for me. but more importantly, would this amp still sound decent with humbuckers or is it a better amp for single coil guitars?
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I dunno, for zep, hendrix, and gnr, you may want something british voiced.
Opt for a peavey classic or traynor ycv.
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Should work fine with humbuckers and single coils. For your styles, the amp should work out alright. Though you'll have to rely mostly on a pedal. I haven't heard great things about the Hot Rods overdrive channel. However I tried it once and it sounded alright for Zep and most bluesier styles. It's got some great cleans, so overall the amp would work for your styles if you used a pedal but there are better options.

Personally I think the Peavey Classic line would suit you well. There's also Traynor and if you don't need the volume get something like a Valve Junior or Blackheart Little Giant.

An amp with EL-84's and something that overdrives nicely when turned up, so i'd suggest checking out a few of the amps I mentioned above in place of the Hot Rod.
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get a traynor YCV 50. it does marshall better than marshall. as soon as i sell my blues junior im gettin myself one
I play a Les Paul through mine and love the sound both clean and dirty, if I want really dirty I plug my Boss Heavy Metal pedal in, Only complaint is on 2 it shakes the walls. awesome amp. I also have a Line 6, no comparison, this is a real amp.