Does anyone here think that whether you like a band or not depends on what the bandmembers are like, and not the music? One of my friends randomly stops liking bands once he finds out the people in them are complete s*!t heads. I'm just curious what people have to say about that. It's like when you mention Judas Priest, people say "Oh, they suck, Rob Halford is gay," and I'm like, wtf does that have to do with their music?!? JP was/is one of the best NWOBHM bands to exist, ever, so what does it matter?
Please, no JP bashing or anything.
its very rare that anyone truly gets an idea of what band members are like through rumors/videos/shows.

i met one of my favorite bands once and thanked them all for coming out to play in my ****ty venue, and the vocalist was a total dick to me. i hit him up through a myspace message a week later, and he apologized. turns out his best friend had just died earlier that day and he wasn't too happy to be playing a gig.

don't judge too quickly, yo.
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That kind of almost put me off Nile. Just because Karl Sanders is so red and ugly.

Yeah, because death metal musicians tend to be so attractive.

I don't really care what a band's members are like. I mean, the guys from Tool seem like pretentious assholes and they still make some pretty awesome music. "Hot Buttered Soul" by Isaac Hayes is one of my favourite albums ever but the guy's obviously a bit of a ****ing loon. Who cares as long as the music is good? Even Charles Manson wrote some nice tunes back in the day.
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Even Charles Manson wrote some nice tunes back in the day.

Charles Manson is a serial killer.

Marilyn Manson on the other hand, is a musician.