Hey, I've been saving up my money for a while and finally have enough to get a new amp and maybe some new pickups. I play jazz mostly Tal Farlow or Wes Montgomery type licks and I was wondering which amp would give me the best jazz sound


or should I save up and get this


I also might be getting some new pick-ups soon, any recommendations to maximize the jazz sound of an SSS strat?

I'd recommend you go with a lower wattage amp. Although you want clean, being able to push a tube amp to the point where it starts to soften a little around the edges is nice. When I play in our rehearsal room, I actually play on the overdrive channel, just with the gain turned almost to zero. When we play concert halls I can turn the clean channel up sufficiently for it to almost break up. I find that doing it that way just sounds better to me, and it also imitates some of the sounds I've heard listening to some of the big band as well as combo tunes.
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I'd suggest a used twin reverb. A SSS strat is not exactly optimal for jazz stuff, but something like a Blue lace sensor in the neck would help. The hot gold set would be good too. Don't get a red in the bridge, it's much too hot for what you're playing.
I've played jazz gigs with an SSS strat through a Fender Twin Reverb, and it sounded thick. I had Gibson guys telling me they've never heard such a thick mellow single coil sound.

Here, it's a video of one of the performances. I take the first solo (I'm sitting on the right, both of us have strats), it's the drummers youtube channel not mine, so try not to spam it up.



Though personally, I would also look into the http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Fender-65-Deluxe-Reverb-Combo-Amp?sku=480507

It's a bit rounder on the highs, nicer for lower volume jazz.

As for pickups you might want to try the Seymour Duncan Alnico 2 Pro single coils:

Compared to most strat pickups they sound kind of thuddy and dull, along with warm, fat, and a smooth high end. Basically it'll take the tone into humbucker territory without losing the 'strat' sound when played with decent overdrive.