So I went to guitar center wanting to buy a SD Jazz since I was looking for a neck pickup that was warmer and with less output then the dimebucker I have in my bridge. Well, they didn't have it in stock and I somehow let the salesperson talk me into getting a Dimarzio Super Distortion. It sounds good and all, but it was *not* what I was after, it is very distorted, warmer than the dimebucker, but still harsh. So anyone have suggestions for a pickup that would actually be warmer, less output, better cleans than the dimebucker or Super distortion?
The Jazz?

Oh wait.

hey, did they install it. Call Duncun's customer service, tell them what happened and that this is your only guitar. ask them what they think. see if they will then ship that one selected to you, you swap, and send old back.

GC won't do that. you'd be out a guitar until new ones show up.

Duncan will take your credit card tho in case you don't get the old one's back in time. make a photo copy of receipt too.

I have a SD JAzz in my Washburn Idol neck and a and a Jb model in the bridge..
It was a great suggestion when i bought it..but it seems bland...
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The guy in the store is an idiot, the Super Distortion is probably hotter (and better sounding) than the Dimebucker.

If it was me I'd put it in the bridge and get something else again for the neck, but if you like your Dimebucker then you want a Jazz, 59 or Full Shred, or for Dimarzios a Breed, Paf Pro or Air Norton.

I'd lean towards the Breed on this one.
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Anything is better sounding than a Dimebucker. But really, how'd you get talked into that one?
Breed is supposed to be a hotter Paf Pro which would be great to offset a Super in the bridge.

+1 to putting the super in the bridge and looking for a different neck pickup. Cant hurt to atleat try it!
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Anything is better sounding than a Dimebucker. But really, how'd you get talked into that one?

I figured he knew what he was talking about, and I am way too easy going.
I second the Breed and the 59 (not as mellow as the Jazz but definitely has the warmth covered in spades).