Does anyone know any guitar books?

I don't want tab books.I want books that can either teach Blues,Jazz,or neo-classical guitar or music theory books.
I got a book of Robert Johnson songs that does the tabs BUT also does the theory behind it and why certain patterns work well in the blues genre, it also has info about the actual songs
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The Complete Guitarist by Richarc Chapman. A good book with music theory,scales,and techniques
I find the book "Speed Mechanics for Lead Guitar" by Troy Stetina helps if you want to develop fast playing; the excercise he had thought up is well worth the price you pay. I notice my playing skill have improved quite a bit.
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Is The Complete Guitarist by Richarc Chapman in Tab form of standard notation?
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Its Richard Chapman, sorry,typo.Its in tab and standard notation but more of tab. The book has a foreward by Les Paul himslef ,haha