I'm thinking of buying either a Vox AC30CC or a Vox AC50 head, but I was wondering, with my strat and a TS-808 will I have the power to make some pop-punk style distortion? I absolutely love the cleans and the responsiveness of the Vox's, but I'm worried about their overdrive punch.
You should be able to.
I have a TS808 (well, a ts7 modded to ts808 specs, then modded from there) running into my peavey classic 50 (which has a voxy flavor to it). You should be able to get some pop punk distortion.
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The AC30 has plenty of bite and prescence, and if you dial it in right (take note that the AC30's tone stack only has treble and bass. these influence the mids a lot.) plenty of upper mids, too.

BTW, I would think it's worth it to check out these amps:

They seem like a hell of a deal. If I ever am in the hankerin for an AC30...I'm coming here first.