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What are some things you lucky bastards have snagged from artists who toss things into the crowd? (Picks, drumsticks, etc)

At the As I Lay Dying show, I caught a drumstick from August Burns Red AND I caught one from As I Lay Dying. Two sticks in one show, I was pretty damn lucky.
I've never caught anything, but at this one Alice Cooper show he basically was throwing things throughout every song. Necklaces, canes, hats, balloons, frisbees...

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Goddamit, beaten to it.
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I was at the avenged sevenfold show at the warfield a few months ago and before hand these guys were throwing out picks with the deathbat into the audience. One pick did a boomerang move and hit me square in between the eyes. I didn't even see it coming and it kind of hurt haha.

I picked it up and put it into my wallet but afterwards it wasn't there. I was pretty sad. I've got a lot of local band's stuff too.

Oh and at a Coheed and Cambria show at the warfield again, I caught chris pennie's drum stick... but along with three other guys and I was so tired at that point that i just let go.
..i got Billie Joes guitar pick at one of Green Days concerts. does that count?
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Green Day Am. Id. tour '05 I caught Billie Joe's Tie ( I wear it with my suit alot now). I managed to grab Neil's setlist, and Pick from the Neil Young Chrome Dreams II tour. I got a slide from Rocco Deluca.... thats about it
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nothing so far
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It seems everyone had the same idea for a joke to post... I was also beaten to it :-)

To answer the question, I haven't caught anything from a show.
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I've gotten a guitar pick from Zakk Wylde and Billy Joe Armstrong
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I saw Pantera live once, Dime changed into a body bag right there on stage.

i've caught Slash's guitar pick, and been spat on by Duff, and he's probably got a whole load of disease...
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I've got a drumstick from a band called Bury Tomorrow, not sure if you've heard of them they're a local band pretty big but just been signed.
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i caught a girl once
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Green Day Am. Id. tour '05 I caught Billie Joe's Tie ( I wear it with my suit alot now). I managed to grab Neil's setlist, and Pick from the Neil Young Chrome Dreams II tour. I got a slide from Rocco Deluca.... thats about it


I got the drumstick from a band called Fickle Public. That's it.

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i watched 50 ppl in the mosh pit catch a zakk wylde V,,, unfortunatley all i caught was sweaty air
I almost caught Dr Matt's pick at a 'The Hives' concert. It bounced off my hand when I tried to catch it, & the stupid security guard gave it to my friend.

Another friend at the same gig started shouting 'STICKS! STIIIICKS!!!' at the drummer as he was leaving, so the drummer handed him a stick & threw the rest out into the crowd.

My dad got a pick from the guitarist from Dr Feelgood when we went to see them like 20 years ago.

I haven't had anything yet though
I caught Josh Homme's water bottle at the Foo Fighters gig in Hyde Park, not really that exciting though.
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Man that's badass.

I caught a yeast infection just from watching Paris Hilton: Live In Concert
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I almost caught Serj Tankian's drummer's stick, but a big sweaty man almost killed me to pick it up. Yet again, I almost caught Pat Smear's water bottle.
A pick from the Futureheads' bassist - that's it.
Although, I nearly caught Dave Mustaine's sweat band, it was just a bit high though and ended up behind me.

Me and a mate returned the favour and threw some biscuits at various members of Bloc Party.
I got a pick at a Metallica gig.

A friend of mine caught a drumstick from Streetlight Manifesto at a Reel Big Fish gig where they supported. I found this exceedingly unfair because he doesn't even listen to Streetlight and they're one of my favourite bands.
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i got a drumstick off chad smith of RHCP \o/
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A couple of picks and Omar's setlist at a Mars Volta-concert.
And what is more, there's been a bloody purple nose and some bloody purple clothes that were messing up the lobby floor. It's just apartment house rules so all you 'partment fools remember : one man's ceiling is another man's floor.
a condom, it was used
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Noodles from the offspring's guitar pick. It somehow landed in the hood of the guy infront of me and everyone around me started clawing at the back of this guys head but I got it. And the guy didn't even realise it was there
at August burns red the guitarist threw his pick and it bounced off my fecking thumb and the guy in front of me got it :'(''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''
Lee Altus' mother****ing water.

I drink from that bottle every day. It imbues me with untold thrash godliness.
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