I have a decision to make. Until Monday I get to buy a bass (or guitar) for half price from my local music shop. I’ve narrowed it down to these two basses.


ESP LTD B-404 Spalted Maple

I like the LTD a lot. I played for about half an hour today and it’s pretty awesome. I also already own a D series so I have a back ground with the LTDs.

The BC Rich on the other hand I haven’t played yet (I’ll be having a go on it tomorrow) and I don’t know very much about them.

I was planning on getting a 5 string in a few months but the shop doesn’t have any at the moment and this discount is too good to pass up. So I am thinking if I get the BC Rich I’ll set it up for BEAD or If I get the LTD I’ll set up my D series for BEAD.

So, has anyone had experience with either of these basses, especially the BC Rich?
Any other thoughts on the matter.
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that bc rich does look pretty sexy. but so does the LTD.
and personally, i like wood finishes more.
and i guess, to sum it up technically, you have a tad more tone control with the LTD. and i love the through body string bridge haha.... but then again if you wanna kill someone with your bass..... get the bc rich. lots of sharp corners look deadly haha

i would go the LTD
Uh yeah, LTD FTW.
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Not only you get a better bass if you buy the LTD, but it costs more so the offer helps you more.

Yeah, that's my reasoning. I save $1000 on the LTD but only $750 on the BC Rich.
I'm probably going to get the LTD but I just wanted to see how the BC Rich compares. I'll guess I'll find that out tomorrow when I play it.

Just to let you all know I ended up buying the LTD. I tried the Virgo out and although I could get some good tones out of it I didn't like playing it, it just didn't feel right.
The LTD is just on a different level, it plays and sounds so much better. Plus I'm a sucker for wood grain.
good man

that LTD was sexyful, whilst B C rich's just try to hard, metal comes from the sound, not the look.

plus tha LTD was just drop dead gorgoeus
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