well.. you see i have a cold.. and i have a gig in 2 days.. and no.. there is no way i can miss this gig

i drank like 1l of hot tea this morning and ate some pills...

are there any ways how to get better so fast?
thanks in advice

edit: yeh i am the lead vocalist :/
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Oranges. Strawberries. Smoothies. Cold medicine. Sleep. Water.
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Start swallowing pills at random from the medicine cabinet.
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Lots of water and lots of sleep. Don't stay up late.
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anything with lots of vitamin c
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Even though I play lead and sing backups, I had a very similar problem last week. I just kept taking medicine and ate a ****load of icy pops and drank hot tea to help my sore throat get better and it worked pretty well.

best of luck
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Zicam works really well. In addition, taking Golden Seal Root powder will clear you up in no time (but take the capsules..getting the powder blown down your throat is a bitch). Also, if there's an organic drugstore around you, you might be able to find a liquid called colloidal silver. It is literally of the taste, color, and consistency of water, and it's natural, and you can't overdose on it, and it helps your body rid itself of free radicals.

Also, put honey in the tea...and maybe some Jack Daniels and lemon. Only you know whether that's legal for you or not.
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Start swallowing pills at random from the medicine cabinet.


Srsly tho, fap + sleep.

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Why does fapping help?
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according to my stoner friends, pot cures everything. So maybe try that, if you trust people with bob marley posters on their wall.
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fresh orange juice, ice cold

seriously, drink as muc of it as yu can, soothes your throat, and filled with vitamin C its the best cue fo sore throats
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Water, orange juice, medicine, lots of food, sleep.
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Good bacteria pills.
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just rest , and drink alot of tea with honey ! thats all i know
Hot toddy...

shot of whiskey, honey and lemon juice mixed into hot water. It's very soothing.

Also try not talking. Tarja Turunen doesn't talk before a show if she has a sore throat.