Im not sure what to tab next.

anyone got any ideas? anything u cant find online?
Call of the Wild by Black Sabbath

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would u be able to tab Stockholm Sydrome (Blink 182)

thanks very much
it may take me a while to do sabbath, probly a week, lol but stockholm syndrome shouldnt be too much of a problem.
ill get to all your tabs by the end of the month hopefully. havent had much time this week. im also doing a ****load of AFI cuz every afi tab is off. its rediculous
It would be great if you could tab any bassline of Triggerfinger. Especially 'Short term memory love' and 'commotion'
The Oopma loopma song from Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory haha. it sounds easy but i just started bass so i cant tab. I think this would be a cool one to know just for fun. i found this but im not really sure if its accurate. So if you can either make a more accurate tab or give the okay on this one thatd be great, thanks you very much