i play the heavier pantera/damageplan kinda sound, and i already have a nice dean a marshall and a good wah and distortion but i have money to spend and im llokin to get some nice pedals and effects, any suggestions? im looking for something just to make the sound better and cooler if ya get my drift. thanks!
fulltone fat boost, any eq, a nice fat fuzz pedal, octave for leads/solos

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i havent had much money til lately so im not to enlightened on effects....so could you describe what fuzz and fat boost are?
^well those effects really arent worth much if you dont have a descent amp, if you have a modeler i wouldnt advice getting them, if have a SS amp its alright but isnt ganna do much tonewise it would probly end up sounding like a lot of noise.
A fuzz pedal is what the name says it is its fuzz, pure and simple really overdriven.
If you want damage plan sound, RG100+ MetalMuff yields a very nice Dimebag tone, especially with Top boost.
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Definitely a Digitech Whammy, Dimebag used to use two, and frequently. Look at getting an overdrive, chorus and wah. Also consider a wah and phaser. If you need brand specific, I can give you some brands.
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