What was your first guitar? what brand? when did you start playing?

My first guitar that i have is a Fender Stratocaster (i still have it) , i've been playing for a year (so i guess i don't have that much experience)

my first acoustic that i bought a few months ago is a Washburn/Lyon Acoustic guitar.
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I had a Squier Fat Strat, its the strat with a humbucker at the bridge. It was pretty sweet lookin, black with a chrome scatchplate, which got broke and i replace with a 3 layer (black/white/black) scratch plate.

Followed up by a Vintage V100 Les Paul.
My first guitar was a garage sale mini acoustic.
My first electric was the Jackson JS20 Dinky.

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Ibanez SAS:32 FM here, i started playing 1,5 years ago but i started out acoustic and changed to electric 1 year go.
My first acoustic was a 30-or-so year old Fender San Marino that my dad passed down
My first electric is my BC Rich Warlock

hah those are my onlies, but ive been playing for almost 3 years so ive tried quite a few
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My first guitar was an acoustic (it was like 7 years ago), not bad at all, not bad at all, I still play it sometimes.
And as of my first electric it was a Washburn Bass (6 years ago) , don't know the model or serial, but it looks sort of like a superstrat body, it's actually not bad, whenever I play bass I use that one.
Now for the first electric guitar it was a Washburn Lyon Series Strat copy (5 years ago), hmmm, I will not lie, it wasn't good. But like 2 years ago (I guess) I customized it and changed the pickups and some other changes. Now it's a better guitar than it was before.
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My first decent guitar I got after a year of playing and it's an Epi Les Paul Studio
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That's a really nice looking guitar!!!!!!
Well, I started off playing my friend's crappy Ibanez RG120, but the first guitar I bought was a modded PRS Santana SE which is the only guitar I use today. I likes it
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my first guitar was some shtty low end acoustic, I played it for 3 years and learned a lot on it, but the neck fell off it at some point and I never saw a point in getting it fixed.
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That's a really nice looking guitar!!!!!!

Its all my own paintwork lolz.
It needs going over though, the paints chipping away, nowadays everyone just carves messages into the back of it.
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Its all my own paintwork lolz.
It needs going over though, the paints chipping away, nowadays everyone just carves messages into the back of it.

that's cool that it's your own paint work
Epiphone Les Paul 100. sounds like ****e, never stays in tune, loads of wiring problems as well as earth link trouble... But i loves it.
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Squier Bullet Strat.

Was quite horrible. But it worked for a begginner.

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Epip les junior which i wasnt a fan of, but that was a gift so since I bought it myself I count my MIM strat as my first guitar.
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