hey UG,
sorry to post but I'm still a little un sure... are humbuckers supposed to be a little louder than single coils?
I know some people who like it louder.

I personally like it the same volume as all the other pickups. I basically want changes in tone, without changes in the volume.
this is my pickup height at the moment.. if that helps
(measurements have been taken with strings depressed at last fret)

Neck Pickup -
Bass - 2.5mm
Treble - 3mm

Middle -
Bass - 3.5mm
Treble - 3mm

Bridge(humbucker) -
Bass - 2mm
Treble - 2mm

I have to 2 texas specials and the stock humbucker in the bridge
Are you looking to have the pickups the same volume?

All you gotta do is raise or lower the humbucker height depending on what you want.
Hit a note and toggle the pickup selector switch quickly (not lightning speed :P)... If the volume change is little or none then
sweet thanx man.. your pretty much the only guy who has posted and this isn't the only thread I've made
I don't really no how people notice loudness.. I think i get it confused with the thinness of sound