I played one today after seeing them around (in very few stores, they are just very recent in Australia), and i have to say i didnt mind it, though the strings on it were ****full. But in terms of Top Woods, what gives off a better sound ( or types of sound they give off) between the Bubinga, Rosewood and Tiger Maple? I only had the choice to play one (Tiger Maple im fairly sure)
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At the end of the day, it's all a personal choice... but I don't understand the appeal behind the SA series, to be honest with you. I played this at a used guitar shop a few months back, and there's hardly any volume unplugged. It reminds me of the Yamaha Silent Guitar, only heavier (in weight).

If you're only going to be playing it plugged in, then I suppose it's not too bad. As for the choice of top woods, there's not going to be any significant variations in sound for something that can't produce significant volume on its own -- in other words, it's purely a matter of aesthetics.

Personally speaking, if you're going to get a Crafter, try something from the GLXE series.