Ahhh alright makes sense now that I think about it. Thanks
I use the drum machine on my ZoomG2 as metronome. Works fine.

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For the same reason I use a $150 fountain pen over a 10c biro.

It's just better.
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I don't use a metronome at all. I can see the benefits but I can tap my foot in rhythm so I spend my money on other gear.
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I've don't use a metronome either. I understand their importance generally but I just prefere to use the metronome in my head when practicing because I like the idea of developing "natural rhythm" if there is such a term but I think you all get what I mean by that, I know a few guys that depend way too much on metronomes and just fall apart when they don't use one.
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For the same reason I use a $150 fountain pen over a 10c biro.

It's just better.

I can see the idea, but $150? ...seriously man. Oh well, I guess it's the same thing with Rolexes and golden Zippo lighters and whatnot.
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I kinda got tire of the PC falling off my bed. LOL

I've got this $30 Ibanez metronome that does the job fine. If I'm practicing in front of the computer then I'm playing along with Guitar Pro and don't need the metronome.