Well, yeah.
I'd like to know a few things:

a) What genre are they?
b) What bands sound like them?

They sound like a MUCH MUCH better Waking the Cadaver, with a better vocalist, and better music, and - well not much like Waking the Cadaver at all really.
Who I love, for the record.

But yeah, answers?
Gore AND Core; unite!
They're also the first "death metal" band to have an album in the top 50 of the UK album chart.
Quote by webbtje
They're deathcore, and they sound like every other deathcore band.

I listen to a lot of deathcore, including ALL the recommended bands from the Deathcore Rec. thread, yet I've never heard any Deathcore with vocals like AOAA.

Are the vocals like.... more Grindcore or something?
They're not as.... straight forward as deathcore vocals.
Gore AND Core; unite!