Ok, so I know the basics around not using a bass with a guitar amp, and have read a couple of articles on doing the opposite, but all the comments seem to relate to bass amps in the higher watt range i.e. decent amps!

As I'm still learning guitar and my other half wants to learn bass (on a budget) could I buy a practice bass amp (~20 watt) and plug my guitar in to it for practice? (obviously not at the same time...)

At present I run an uber-cheap chinese 10watt guitar amp that came as part of my starter package, so I'm not expecting studio quality equipment here!

Just wondered if it would work and what kind of sound I would get out compared to a cheap chinese 10w guitar amp.

Thanks, Chris
Well, for starters, I'm not a huge fan of beginners learning on electric's anyway...but who am I to stop you?

Now...dude you really have nothing to worry about at this stage, just get whatever piece of **** you can that makes a sound, at the level I think you're pitching at (super cheap right?) most of it will be pretty similar, and not all that bad! The biggest advice I'd give to you is be very careful and researched about low-mid range gear (line 6 spider, marshall MG+AVT etc.) a lot of that stuff is just as crappy as the lower stuff, only it's marketed better, focus on the playing, the gear will come in time

oh and wisdom time "a good player on crappy gear should still sound good"
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Haha! Thanks.

I'm overly conscious of blowing cash on kit without learning, hence sticking to the cheapest!

I've got nothing against entry-level, my guitar was £45 with an amp, new, and I love it