should i get the boss gt-10 or the line 6 x3. both are the same price, but i've heard that bosses amp models arent as good. i play metal and my peavey valveking just isn't heavy enough so good amp models are a plus.
I say sell the peavey, and get a 5150 or even a Mark IV. I'm guessing you have $500+ because those thing will sell for those, plus the money you can get from the peavey...say $250-300 i think you can get a Mark IV for about $1000(used) or a Carvin V3 (brand spanking new).

Good luck.
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Just get an od (or 3, for that price) for your VK. Also look at switching the tibes/speaker if you haven't already. Really, it sounds like a multi-effect is the last thing you need.
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Jake will suffice.

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im not asking for advice on the amp, i've tried different od's and equalizers from the peavey and it gets a good sound there just isn't enough to do with it. im not just getting a multi-effects for the amp models.