I was just looking at a thread where 9 gauge strings were warping the neck... i just got a schecter c1 and im running 10 to 56's on it, are these to heavy? will the neck warp? (i dont know much about neck tension)
i leave it in drop b every now and again..

sorry if this is a stupid question.
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.9 and .10 strings are completely standard, those should never warp the neck. Especially if you're down-tuning which will ease the tension in the neck.
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they wont warp the neck. Ive been using 10-56s for ages and the tensions just not great enough to warp
they might warp the neck on a baby classical guitar

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Necks don't warp that easily, you know. It takes several months of pressure to do any sort of damage, a lot of people just pass round stuff they've heard other people say. Half the people here are scared to go near their truss rods because they think they'll snap the neck!
ah, whew! thanks
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1 time i was home alone and i said i want a cheeseburger and then mah dad got home and he had a bag of potatoes
well, heres the thing. if your neck has too much tension on it, it will warp one way. but if there isnt enough, then it will warp the other way. the truss rod is there to keep a balance between the neck and the strength of the strings. so if there isnt enough tension, the truss rod will warp it the other way.
happened to an acoustic i had a few years ago. trust me. i took the strings off, just let it lie around, and the neck got so ****ed up, it was depressing.
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I use 10-52s on my Les Paul and nothing has happened yet. I have no idea how .9s could ever warp a neck.
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Thicker strings will cause the neck to bow, not warp. If the neck warps then there is another issue with the guitar probably unrelated to the strings.
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