I know there are loads of these threads by hey, i need to know. I've got about £300 to spend on a new amp... So i was looking around sites and found 4 amps.
-Gallien Kruger Backline 210 Combo
-Laney RB-7 or RB-8 Combo
-Warwick Sweet 15.2
It needs to handle smaller venues and stuff. Since the Laneys are both 300w, and the other two are around 175w, i was steering towards them but it seems a lot of power for a pretty cheap price... Anyway, can anyone help? Thanks.
Id say warwick.Gallienkrugers low end bass heads arent that good and I have never heard a laney in action before.
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Warwick ftw

It's wattage is very very deceptive in comparison with it's loudness
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Ive gigged my laney r5, i think its called rb7 now? Its loud but no good for drop tunings. Il sell you mine for £175 ;-)
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Warwick or the Ashdown MAG 300 in this range.
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I use a Laney R4, which is now the RB8, and its a great amp, does exactly what I want which is get heard and heard clearly in small to medium venues. It's quite a punchy, rock orienatted amp, although the 11 band graphic EQ does give you quite a lot of variety, and it comes with built in compressor and horn and a DI input, which has come in very useful for playing bigger venues. It really is a gigging amp to be honest, but that's what I wanted, and Laney is a pretty respected company as far as I know...don't know about the other two amps though, but both me and my mate have used my Laney to gig with,and have been more than satisfied with the results, and gained compliments on our tone with it.
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