Because buying guitars off of the net ends up being more hassle than just going to a shop, I decided to go to my local Tom Lee. Although you can order pretty much any guitar from them I decided to stick to the guitars they had in stock. (They have a surprising number of signature guitars, 'specially Ibanez's and Gibsons)

Although I have been attracted to LP's from the beginning, I decided not to because of how expensive they are. (I have close to no money, and buying any guitar is going to leave me with no food for the next.....year maybe?)

I like the tone of the Ibanez's so I checked them out. I was surprised at how cheap but how good they sounded. I was especially attracted to the RG320PG - P1 because it was cheap-ish and I loved the skin on it. I also had mixed feelings about it's tremolo lock-thing whatever it is. It costs about HKD $3,100. (Less than USD $400)

I tried it, but I didn't get very long because I had to go. It sounded alright, not at as much as I expected but still very good. But then again the guy put me through a crap amp. (Can't remember what it was.)

But I'd still do any research before I bought a guitar and so far they seem alright. But I still want a verdict from you guys. Any thoughts?

P.S. And I can afford pretty much all of the Ibanez RG series (with the exception of some of the Prestiges) and I like all of them, so if there is a significantly better one, I might change my mind.

Here is the link to it's page on the Ibanez site: http://www.ibanez.co.jp/world/country/frame_hongkong.html