I'm looking at buying a new guitar from the USA and importing to Australia. So the first thing I want to know is what guitars are alot cheaper in the USA than they are in Australia. Second thing is i want a guitar for playing Metal, Hard Rock. The third thing i was wondering is how good are schecters in terms of value for money and tone, sound quality.

Please all help would be appreciated.

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schecters are amazing

they can rival guitars double their price

great quality, fooking awesome sound

listen to avenged sevenfold - their guitars are schecters, you could buy both for under $2000 [exc p&p]
I would just buy something from an Australian store. Once you figure in import costs and all that, it's probably not worth it to buy from the states. I might be wrong though, so look into that.

Schecters are great, but not for everyone. The necks are considerably thicker than most other metal guitars. But as far as quality goes, they are top notch for the price. Look into ESP/LTD if you play metal, because IMO you can't beat a good LTD for the price.
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Schecter FTW!
Schecters are the best for metal/hard rock, so you've picked the right crowd.
The only thing is some Schecters play faster than others, my point in being my laed guitarist plays his Schecter Revenger and it plays fast, but he can hardly play the C1 he has because of the thicker neck. Also as well, you need to know if you want FR or not, because the FR equipped Schecters are a bit more money.
And to save you money don't import from US, buy in Aussie-Land
i own two schecters and am in the process of buying my third....theres a lot of great guitars out there but as said before, schecter can rival with the best of them...when i was buying, i first purchase a jackson, that didnt really work out, and it felt cheap, so then i was led over to the schecters and the fit and finish was just awesome, i first noticed the weight, pretty hefty but not too much as to exhaust you while playing, they are solid guitars, customer service is also top notch
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you can't beat a good LTD for the price.

Yes you can... Edwards Les Paul, Charvel Model 6 or, DK2M...
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