So, what's the sickest you've ever been/worst times that you were sick? Searchbar turned up nothing.

Mine is probably the time I was in my dad's church, and I was up on the stage, and the preacher was walking near to me. I was feeling sick and I knew I was going to throw up, so I tried to run to the bathroom, but instead I projectile vomited all over the preacher. He was like and I was all like and dad was like .

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it was last yr, i got an illness of a chick i know, i was really ill, i stayed in bed pretty much for all of saturday and sunday and on the monday i went to the doctor and found i had a chest infection, got some anti-biotics, and a few days later i was all better, but i seriously felt like ****, i only got out of bed for an hour tops on the saturday and sunday.
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ive got HSP.

and sometimes when the arthritus kids in due to it, i can't play guitar.

whats worse than that?
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I had carbon monoxide poisoning when I was younger. That was quite bad.

And appendicitis when I was 8-ish.


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Being in Bed for a week due to flu when i was 15. I was weaker than a baby for a month.
Once, a few years later than the event I mentioned in my original post, my sister made cookies, and burned them, but I was little, so cookies = better than sex. So I ate all of them. Like, 50 cookies, all with milk, all burnt. I went to sleep, and about 30 minutes later, I woke up and unleashed the monster within all over my bed, it still looked like cookies, and the pile of vomit was about as big as my torso.
I got sick for a whole month, and I spent it walking in circles. I couldn't stop. And then it took me a two months just to get back to what I was like before.

And it ruined my christmas...
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I had nasty diarrhea and I was throwing up everywhere whilst on the toilet it was horrible, but I did lose half a stone in the space of 30-45 minutes so wooooo go me!
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i had some chest infection in the last week before course work deadline when i was doing my a levels. i could barely get out of bed and had to do 3 subjects worth of course work haha
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I once ate a jar of dry roasted peanuts (you can get them in plastic jars/containers from a shop here), I threw up in the night, and it looked like chunky peanut butter
I've thrown up a few times in a day...

I have a pretty solid immune system.
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