This is the final and official line up for Ozzfest 2008:
The official line up is as follows;
Main Stage:
Metallica (Ozzfest Debut, but who cares, they have gone completely lame)
Serj Tankian
The Cavalera Conspiracy
Shadows Fall
In This Moment

2nd Stage:
Kingdom of Sorrow
Soilent Green

Texas Stage (only August 15th):
Drowning Pool
The Sword
Rigor Mortis

enjoy and stay Brutal!!

Massacre Deicide
Yeah pretty sh**ty lineup this year. Not impressed.
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**** burzum XD

there i said it...kinda

edit: i do realise they are not here...so i kinda didnt say it...

well im not goin
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Only a few good bands in the lineup..i wish i would have gone last year.....when it was free......

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Is it true that its going to be only one show

Yes, one day in Texas, no tour... SUX!

Not that bad of a lineup. I just heard The Sword last night for the first time and I dug it! Nice stead southern metal with a Sabbath feel. Pretty good!
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..... Ozzy Apocalyptica and Solient Green isn't enough for me to go. I thought it would be better seeing as nile and behemoth went last year.
Woah, Rigor Mortis at Ozzfest!? Only band on there I'd pay to see. An awesome death/thrash band indeed.
I was gonna go to see four bands (Ozzy, Metallica, Apocalyptica, and Serj), but tickets are $80. Not worth it.
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