So my band is playing a show on saturday with another band that goes to our school. Anyways, we put them in charge of making the fliers to give to people around school, and they said they would make cool ones. The next day they came to school with fliers that had all the names of the bands on it, except my band was written in extremely small font, and a color that made it almost impossible to see, at the bottom of the flier. Keep in mind that my band is HEADLINING.

So, naturally i got a little bit angry, but nothing really mad, so i jokingly said "fuc k you." not in a mean way. Well they got all butthurt over this comment, and theyre going around my school bashing the crap out of band to everyone in the school. Saying that we suck and noone schould watch us.

So what should i do?
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Get your band together in the cafeteria or whatever you have at your school and play some tunes in a break. Be sure to make a banner with your bandname and the date of the show and people will see for themselves how much you rock/suck. It might be a good idea to ask for permission first though...
Prove them wrong and put on a good show, which would make them liars if they said that you suck!
if they got upset over something like that then they're not the kinda band u wanna play shows with...i'm in a band to and we're gonna start playing shows soon so i would probably have to put up with crap like this soon....

just be cool with everyone and dont start bad tlking ppl on stage and stuff...that's my advice for generallly being in a band...

in relation to your situation....u shouldnt get them kicked off the show cuz then you will have the rivalry thing goin on and that's just more 'drama'...so just suck it up and apologise and exaplin your position...yeah it's the pussy way to do it but it may be best for the show
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since you're headlining, make your own fliers. never place responsibility on another's band cuz usually they f*ck it up. start clean, take down all old fliers and replace them with new and improved version also showing you kicked that band off the list!
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Make a hilarious photoshopped picture of them and then hang it all over the school.