I'm currently rocking a 4-string Stingray. I've had it for nearly a year now and haven't replaced the strings. Yes, I know I seriously need new strings. I hoping to get some suggestions for that here.

The points below are bassed on the assumtion you want roundwound strings.

The Rotosound Swing 66 are very highly rated strings around here.

I like to use Warwick EMP strings, though they are slightly more pricy. However, they also are coated (very thinly) which allows them to have a bit more life to them.
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Swing 66 strings are great, i used them for a while and they stay "new" from pretty long and it takes a while for them to finally go dead. They sound really punchy.

Oh yeah i forgot to add that DR strings are really nice too and you should try them out. If i had to pick between Rotosound and DR highbeams, i'd pick DR highbeams.
definitly ernie ball power bass. my favorite.
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