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stay with my Marshall MG10 (10 watt amp)
8 67%
Behringer V-TONE GMX110 (30 watt amp)
4 33%
Line 6 Spider 3 (15 watt amp)
0 0%
Voters: 12.
i have a Marshall amp MG10CD (10 watt amp). i'm planning to change my amp but i dont know which one is the best. i'm dreaming to have a Marshall MG30 (30 watt) but i don't have much money to get it. so which one do you think is the best amp for me to switch to? Behringer V-TONE GMX110 (30 watt) or Line 6 Spider 3 (15 watt)...? or should i just stay with my Marsall MG10 for a while....?
You, my dear sir, should stay with your marshall until you have the cash to get an amp that is significantly better. All of the ones you listed are of similar quality; that is to say, they're crap. Just hang onto the MG until you develop your ear a bit more and realize it's not cutting it. At that point, you can save for a nice little (possibly tube) combo.

Best of luck.
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Jake will suffice.

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keep saving up, because none of those amps you're looking at justify spending any more money on.
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honestly, if I had to pick, I would stick with the MG, save a couple hundred dollars, and buy a Blackheart for practising
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I just echo what everyone else says.

None of those are much of an improvement, save up and spend on a nice small tube combo or a Blackheart Little Giant..

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i'm dreaming to have a Marshall MG30 (30 watt) but i don't have much money to get it.

There you go. Dream big!

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look at the roland cube amps.i just got one and i love it.
it sounds great by its self

In the class of amps you're looking at, I agree that the Roland Cube is best. I also agree with those who suggest you save up more money while developing a better ear for what you need from an amp.
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