Ok... i have SVT450H head, and an 8x10 Ampeg Cab....

i also have a Fender Rumble 100.... which is a 1x15..........

heres the question. The Rumble 100 has a"Power Amp In" input....... could i take my SVT to the 8x10 and then daisy the 8x10 to the Rumble 100 through the Power Amp in?

this might be REALLY stupid and make me look like an idiot, but is that possible?

and, what exaclt is the "power amp in" input for on the rumble 100.
A better question would be why would you need to plug into the 1x15 when you have an 8x10?
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why the hell not?! the 15'' has a totally different sound than the 8x10.
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You wouldn't take a powered signal (like to the speaker) and run that into the power amp in. If there is a line level out like a direct line out or an effects send jack on the svt450 then you could run that to the power amp in on the rumble.

I don't know if the 8*10 cab has an out for daisy chaining, but if so you could daisy chain that directly to the rumble speaker, not the power amp. This is probably a bad idea as it will raise the impedence and lower the power output from your head, the crappy rumble speaker might also not be rated to take half of the power the head dishes out, which is what it will do if you daisy chain them.

If you absolutely want to connect them run the line out (i just checked and saw that your svt has one) to the return/power amp in on the rumble ( I just checked to make sure it had that too). this is a line level signal, not a speaker signal, so use an instrument not a speaker cable to do so. The line in will bypass the rumble's eq and you will controll the tone with the svt only using the rumble to raise and lower the overall volume coming from the 15.

long post, but hope it helps.
so.... get an instrument cable.... run it from the Line out on my 450...... into the Return/PWR Amp In on the Rumble?

.... and..

whats the worst that could happen? my rumble will get blown the fck up? or... is there a possibility of damaging my Head and/or Cab?
You got it.

It's no different then sending out to an effect loop from your svt, and recieving the signal from one on the rumble. The worst thing that can happen is that it will sound terrible. If both amps are working properly it should work just fine, but I'm not promising anything about tone.
unless the effect loop on my svt doesnt work, the idea doesnt work.

just tried it, i tried sending it from the effect out on the SVT to the effect in on the rumble, got nothing, then i tried it from the effect out, to the input on the rumble.. got nothing.
Your tone will be different, but try from the line out on the Rumble to the input on the Ampeg.

The better question here is why you'd want to do this?
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