Ok so I've got a Kustom practice amp (yeah crap i know) and a Digitech RP150 effects pedal
And im trying to play some All Shall Perish/Suicide Silence type stuff, but i can't get everything to sound right
I don't want it to sound TOO distorted, but I obv need a fair bit of distortion there
So what amp/pedal settings would you recommend for this kind of music?
thats because you need some serious detuning and gain for it to sound good and not break up
For the amp, get the gain up about 8 or 9, bass at 6, treble at 8, and scoop the mids down to like 2. Boost the channel volume to full, and then control the overall volume through the master.

As for the pedal, I'm not entirely sure; I'm not familiar with it.
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