Can anyone recommend a TOM bridge with a 16 inch radius saddle and fingerboard with a matching saddle radius?
I don't know much, but I'm not sure such a bridge exists.

IIRC, I believe all TOMs are 12"
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Never seen a TOM in anything but 12" radius. Its the radius gibson uses and what the TOM bridge was made to go on. Only thing you can do it file the slots deeper on the middle strings. Or get some non slotted saddles and go from there. The radius is built into the bridge base not the saddles so you cant just move em around. I think I saw a TOM with adjustable height saddles but dont remember where or if they are still available.
^ Never seen anything like it but it sounds pretty cool

I agree with Tack. You're probably looking at a custom set of saddles.
我会关闭我的耳朵,和我的心; 我会变成一个石头
"I will close my ears and my heart and I will be a stone"
I think i do remember seeing hight adjustable TOM saddles. Could have been on allparts.com, not sure. I'll have a look round, see if i can find anything.
Does anyone know if ESP guitars are made with a 12" radius? I know that ibanez wizard necks are 400mm which is what I am shooting for. Would it be the death of a guitar if I installed a 16" radius fretboard on a 12" TOM? In addition, can you really tell between a 16" radius and a 12" radius?
The difference works out to .010" in the center of the radii.

You might feel the difference, but it should be far from unplayable.
我会关闭我的耳朵,和我的心; 我会变成一个石头
"I will close my ears and my heart and I will be a stone"
It wont be a huge difference no. But there will only be so low you can go with the low e string before it buzzes. You wont be able to lower the middle strings any after that. if you want a nice low action its best to match the radiuses. It wouldnt be very hard to get a set of graphite saddles and slot the middle ones a little deeper. The adjustable bridge is at allparts its 65 bucks. You gotta watch the post spacing tho as american spacing wont fit asian made guitars usually. And vice versa.
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do you think if I got a Gotoh tune-o-matic I could file it down myself with a mill bastard file? (yes they call it that) It sharpens axes , so i would think it would work with making the saddles a 16 inch radius
A file used for sharpening axes is going to be bit large for making slots in a guitar bridge. And yes some of us do know what a bastard file is, makes you wonder how it got its name. Youre gonna wanna use something like a set of needle files. A set of nut files works wonders but are pretty pricey.
it looks like I have one in my tool chest. w00t! I can't wait to do my build. Glue and more wood is on the way so my build should start next week!