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Green chair
for when it’s hot. Out in the open air,
I sit and think. Today,
the same as every one of my days. But so far from the same
from any of yours.
My neck snores and so do my feet;
my head snorts at the sort of things I see;
no one looks at the trees
no more.
Green chair
to relax.
Green chair
to be cool.
Every one of us has our green chair –most just
tend not to use it.
Every one of us can sit and think, rub our ids, but give
our other guy some love too;
every one of us can snore and snort and look and
we just choose not to.
Well, I do, as
I got my green chair out a long time ago.

Small and in dire need of light from this flame,
I choke out every whim and wish for the dark of night to erase my name.
Look over and I see the rise and fall of...
I reach over and feel her, kiss her, then leave her, and miss her.
The cycle has begun again.
To close a door,
The wound of the war.
Armed with only true words and lying eyes,
her front porch has never felt so alone.
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