I've been looking to buy a new guitar for a long time and did lots of research, ending up with these three:
- Ibanez S5470 prestige (biker-black finish), although some mention sustain problems (I haven't been able to test this guitar or any other yet, I'll do that in a month)
- Ibanez RG 3520Z prestige (with the very nice Himalayan black finish)
- or an ESP M-II with Seymour Duncans
(now that I see it, they're all black )

All of these guitars seem very durable and versatile, or so I hope since I mainly play all sorts of metal, but also shred and rock etc. (not the very soft stuff)
I was wondering which of these you could recommand.

Thanks !
I would go with either Ibanez, really. Anything Prestige is top of the line in not just a metal guitar, but in anything. I'm biased, cuz I own an RG, and I love it, but since you have an S in your price range, I'd say go for that.
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Love ESP, and I love the M-II
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All good guitars I must say, personally I'd go for the S since it's a 24 fret version and those bodies are very comfortable (plus I find that trem to be quite smoother than a floyd rose). As always the best thing is to try them out, even if lower quality LTD or non Prestige Ibanez ones. None of those is too exotic to give you a wrong impression in a cheaper version.

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rg there fricken awesome guitars
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