You were always there when I needed you
Never left my side
Always there to lean on
And dry the tears I cried
I could always talk to you
And you never seemed to mind
Your voice so honest, so gentle
Your words so honest, so kind

The worse feeling in the world
Is to have lost the one you love
And then still love them
With everything you have in your heart
You go to sleep at night thinking of them
And wake up just the same
Knowing this love aint ever going to end
But the worse thing is dreaming of her every day and night
Just as if you were together
But awake fallen apart

Forget the times you made me cry
Forget the times you just walked by
Remember the times you were always there
Remember the times you always cared
You changed so much
In so little time

Sometimes I wonder did you really care
Or if you even thought of me when I wasn’t there
Sometimes I wonder if I was ever in your heart
Or was I being used from the very start?

Forget the times you just walked by
Forget the times you made me cry
Forget the times you held my hand
Forget the sweet things if I can
I can no longer pretend
I gotta remember now you’re just my friend

You used to be so sweet
And you know I loved you babe
I cried at night
‘Cuz you weren’t by my side
But now I’ve realised
That you were a waste of time
And now I know
You weren’t worth all those tears