When playing a song that uses both fingerpicking and strumming, what do you do with your pick when you don't need it?

I put mine in the space just underneath my eye.
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I put mine in the space just underneath my eye.

What the hell?

I keep mine in my mouth or put it at close reach.
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Appart from being on UG or wanking, thats what i mostly do
mike stand pick holder if applicable
on my leg if sitting
corner of mouth if standing and not singing
somewhere nearby if standing and singing... or in mouth if i have to

and i can't decide if i should ask for a picture of the pick in your eye or if that's some sort of liability.
You do what with it? Put it up your nose? Put it in your mouth??? What about a pick holder on the mic stand or just hold it between knuckles...
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^--- for me it's because the only one i have is really thick and pointy... cause it's actually a dobro pick it's great for picking out bass lines and such while finger picking, but it sucks for strumming.
Yeah, I hold it between my knuckles...this frequently caused it to fall into the soundhole until I perfected my technique. Although quite frankly I rarely use picks.
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i keep it in my mouth, haha. kinda gross, but whatever. im mainly a strummer.

seriously, how do you put it under your eye?
well you can either upload the picture somewhere else and link us to it.... or you can attach it to a post here. you can only attach pretty small pictures to posts though. it'd be better if you could upload it to http://www.flickr.com