Poll: How should we treat noobs?
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dont judge them..just encourage them..
9 18%
positive ..friendly...constructive criticism and give them pointers
33 67%
judge them according to experience
5 10%
8 yrs old or eddie van halen..i judge without mercy
2 4%
Voters: 49.

I came across this video..

Yeah the kids only 7...The song can be considered a beginner
song..but I think he did pretty well..

I like to see kids so excited about music. Sometimes we forget
that we were all noobs ourself. I hate it when people dog out
kids for not bein elvis.
I bet Charlie Brown's teacher's name was Mrs.Hammett
I didn't read any of the comments, but it's pretty stupid to treat a 7 year old like an adult.

Judge them according to experience, but offer constructive criticism.

However, performances are different. I don't care if a group is pretty good for a bunch of beginners; I want the best band to play at my event.
^ I agree someone in their own home or at a lesson is learning. Someone performing at a place i paid to get into is a differnet story. Ive seen some ****ty opening bands that pissed me off because i paid to get in.
Well I think were talking young noobs right ?.... not someone you would hire for a gig.

If thats the case:

I would just offer encouragement. If they were my student, I would also offer constructive criticism if necessary. generally though, I would offer that criticism in the weeks and months before the performance as I help them prepare.

At the actual performance its all encouragement from me. That way they have a good experience and are inspired to take it further.

If were talking about noobs in general. I wound just give encouragement. Unless im teaching them, Im not going bother them with my constructive criticism. If I am teaching them I will save that criticism for the appropriate time.

Encouragement goes a long way.
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Even if the guy was 50 and playing incredibly bad, I think you should encourage them. Like you said we were all noobs at once, and I think we all should just be happy to see other people that shares the same interest as us.

It's a law in nature... noone will be good at something when new... practice will make better. And that's exactly where encouraging comes in. Unmotivating comments can often lead people into quitting things, and it'd be pretty unfair to act like this with them. How would you react if you were a pretty good player but someone would tell you that you're crap just because Micheal Angelo Batio(just the best example I found) is better then you?
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It's pointless to judge. Let people play whatever they want, and if they are trying to improve than encourage them. If they don't care about improving and are having fun just screwing around and playing badly, than whatever. That kid looked to be having a good time, and that's all that matters, especially at his age.

That kid was adorable by the way ^_^
wow... why even ask this question. I mean... did god post this thread? Or maybe, just maybe, there's hundreds of thousands of guitar god's to judge noobs lol Sigh... well, I'm thankful I met some pretty cool cats when I started playing.
Seeing kids like this makes me happy...
I wouldnt teach them to swear..lol...but..
This is the future..Kids like him will rock us out
when we arent as active gigging when we get
I bet Charlie Brown's teacher's name was Mrs.Hammett
Encouragement works wonders, especially when you're just starting out. A good balance of encouragement, and constructive criticism is good.

The kids goofy laugh before he starts playing is one of those 'heartwarming' moments.

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