II. A Pleasant Distraction, and The Private's Soliloquy

Blankets are spread out over the beaches,
Children are swimming in the sea.
"Did we not swim once? Did we not hold our breath
As we tried to touch the bottom of the sea?"

"Yes, we dreamed of touching France,
And drinking coffee in Paris*"

"I wish we could've made it, I wish we would've tried."
"Do you not remember sitting side by side?
The channel was quite rough that day,
We could hear the bombs far away.
And we thought about our mothers, as
Our mouths filled with the spray"

"No, Captain, I do not remember much,
I think about a train station, and a girl I liked to touch.
It was early June, her ankles were bare
Oh, how the sun shone through her hair.
Look Sir, there, a couple; a him and her.
They are destined to part, but their lips stay near.
That rotten station platform,
And clatter of shoes,
The impatient chorus of watches
And clicking of briefcases.
A beautiful painting, in an ugly frame.
So much has changed.
But me and my lady have not"

He thinks he is King Lear…
Maybe it is the shellshock"

"He is holding her so wrong!
Everything is wrong!
If I was with my…
When I was with my
When it was I,
And my,
My Juliet…
Juliet Capulet,

"Juliet, alas, he gets confused"
We promised never to forget
"His memory is weak and abused"
And we promised we'd be wed
"By traditions of old, a painting or play"
In Verona, where the skies are fair
"Though at least it distracts him from the torture of days"
Verona, though I didn't think I had ever been there.

How they must writhe in envy
Of me and my fair .
They share beds, but do they know love anymore?"

"No, but did we, when we set sail at only sixteen?"

"Where is she? Captain? Where is my..."

"I grow tired of masking contortions, a moment longer and it shall be masked with a grimace, joy shall be measured by the moderately grim, and the very grim! Do you not remember anything?!?! Do you not remember anything at all??!?!
Bodies scattered along the sand,
A cracked hour glass,
A grain, a death, a ticking second-hand,
My friend, remember, look, see now,
Are wet, and ripe
Poppies are spreading over the dunes

Did they not learn anything, Did they learn nothing at all?"

----To Be Continued

Part three, next week: "Discourse on barrenness and visions of the forest"

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