Okay, I have a guitar (Obviously) nothing special, just a strat lookalike. I was actually suprised how fast I caught on to the chords and playing tabs. I have mastered Before I Forget's intro and outro in about 3 days of proper playing...Yet it dosent sound the same? Can someone please state what I need to do to get that crucial metal/slipknot sound.

Plus, any easy songs would be nice too
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there could be multiple problems:
if its a strat lookalike it could be a bad copy
not enough distortion
bad amp

otherwise good job
As far as i know slipknot dont use standard EADGBe tuning so that might be why it doesnt sound the same
Getting a good slipknot sound on a knockoff strat probably isn't possible, or gonna happen... it also depends on your amp.
You can get a metal sound, i'm sure, just turn up the gain, the treble, and the bass, then turn down the mids. This is something i'm def. not a fan of, but for someone looking for a metal sound, this could help. otherwise, just experiment, but having the gain up is a def, and i also recommend keeping your treble up.
Have your guitar in the bridge pickup position too... or, when looking down at the guitar, the pickup knob all the way to the right (if it is like a strat), or just one click to the left.
Hopefully this helps..
For easy songs... eh. Brain Stew by Green Day. Haha. Try You've Got Another Thing Comin by Judas Priest. Its a little harder, but if your picking it up as fast as you say, you might be able to do it. Good luck,sir.
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for a solid Slipknot sound i would recommend investing in a pedal. i use a Boss MT-2, and it has a great metal sound. for good metal sound, use these sets:

high and low=set to 3 o' clock

mid and mid frequency=set to 5 o' clock

its a very powerful overdriven tone.
thanks guys, this has helped alot! It doesn't sound exactly the same but you can tell its Before I Forgets' Intro....i'll probably invest in a better 'metal' guitar in a few months of playing then.

Thanks again !
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