Hey guys!

I've been playing for about 6 months now and just learnt a blues solo (the intro to Still got the blues for you) and was wondering what other simple solos there were i could learn?

And yes i have checked the other thread but that is full of people playing for 20 years who say "hey, try Eruption by Van Halen" :P

Isn't there a sticky for this? Solos for beginners or someting with a HUGE list in it? I'm pretty sure there is.
try some ACDC. highway to hell and you shook me all night long, have relatively easy solos. Also try Knockin on Heaven's Door by Guns N' Roses, those solos are relatively easy. Don't Cry and November Rain (the first two) also have slower simple leads.
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smells like teen spirit?

some riff's sometimes help ( fast ones higher u the fret board )

last resort
the metal
For bends try....

Cream - Badge solo.
If you like Blues/Rock then add me as a friend. I need to talk to some Blues/Rock Musicians and need reccomendations.
Things I learned in a matter of an hour or two maybe is the solo's for Tangerine by Led Zeppelin and Heart Full of Soul by the Yardbirds.
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