Okay i want to customise my schecter 7 string hellraiser and i need the neck to be thinner. i got a quote from a luthier but i wasnt sure i explained myself. As well as thinning the neck i was to make the fretboard less wide if you will..ie take some off the edges. The problem it seems is the nearer the headstock the less the amount that can be taken off. The other thing i dont understand is if it is thinned how it will join on the body
Taking some off the back shouldn't be a problem for a skilled luthier, but unless you've got more than ample run-off, I wouldn't recomend narrowing the neck at all.

It might feel more comfortable, but you're going to have to step up your game quite a bit IMHO to avoid accidentally pushing/pulling off the board.
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To narrow the fret board the frets will have to be done to. If you want a narrow fret board the 7 string wont help. Be much better to find another neck if it doenst work you can always put the old one back on.
^you do know it's a set neck, right?
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Buy a 6 string and tune it down, dont make the neck narrower

No I didnt go look up the guitar to see its a set neck. Which makes this project even less of a good idea. Making it thinner isnt such a big deal but making the fretboard narrower is a recipe for disaster. To do a nice job on the fret board would almost require removing the frets. And if you do all this work and dont like it then its pretty much screwed.