Okay, I was (and I'm sure others were as well), really enjoying the Pictures of the Universe thread but it died for some reason. So I thought I'd remake it So just post pictures of the universe that you can find, I'll start:

sorry for immense size

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Hah! I know these bastards off by heart! That's the Cat's Eye Planetary nebula! Have the same picture hanging on my wall at home!

Not sure if this one is the orion nebula or crab nebula - I'm going to go with crab

Crab nebula

This is a close up of part of the the Eagle nebula - False colour pictures of dust and gas
Epic thread is epic. I'll post some in just asec, lemme pull up my folder =]
This is the universe thread after all, so we have to do it some justice by posting pics that are as big as the universe.

Pleidaes star cluster.

Orion nebula.

Solar Eclipse.

Solar flare.

Aurora borealis in Alaska.

Aurora from space.

Another solar flare, with a handy comparison.

Venus transit. Venus is about 95% the size of Earth so we're only a tiny bit bigger.


Horsehead nebula.

I might post some more later.

EDIT: I was told earlier that the horsehead nebula picture was a false colour image. I hope it's not true, it'd be far more epic if all these pics were how they really appeared...
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Those took ages load for me.

takes me like 5 seconds
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So much down syndrome

remember UG Community? thought so.

somene deleted their post... thats why i doubled
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So much down syndrome

remember UG Community? thought so.
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takes me like 5 seconds

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takes me like 5 seconds

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Hubble Ultra Deep Field
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