ok so a few weeks ago i made a thread on a fender champ saying that I got one and wanted to see if I could connect it to an extension cab. That was all bull. Basically, I have been looking for a tube amp, and have no idea what to get. My budget used to be 2-300 dollars, but very fortunately, I won a competition last night and got $1500.00, so i've extended my budget up to 6-700 dollars. I don't play metal. I mainly play indie rock, alt rock, classic rock, heaviest I do is Nirvana probably... I do know I will rely on pedals, and it would be great if it was a combo. Maybe a Fender combo? I'd been looking at the Hot Rod Deluxe... What amps are good ideas? Anything $700.00 and under?
Well I don't know what those bands typically use but I'm gonna say Peavey Classic 30.
The Raconteurs mainly use really vintage amps like Sears amps from the early 60's... Jack White occasionally uses a Fender Twin Reverb from the late 70's.. Also, It has to be something loud enough to play a small gig, yet quiet enough to record. I don't want something like 100 watts tube.
I have a fender blues deluxe and you can play absolutely anything with it if you have a good distortion pedal. It can deliver heavy ass tones (I use a landmine distortion pedal) or sparkling cleans. best purchase i've ever made...it's damn loud too....if you want to be able to use the distortion channel on the amp in a relatively quiet setting(dorm room)...get the blues jr.
Traynor YCV series, Peavey Classic 30, Vox AC30 and Fender amps in general are all great choices.
I own a YCV40 myself, and it's absolutely lovely. With the right pedals, these amps will play almost anything.

Though, for the music you play, i'd say you should try out a Vox AC30.
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I was actually thinking of the Vox AC30 at one point but its way over my price range. I just looked up the Traynor's on youtube, and my ears didn't like it :/
I own a YCV40T, albeit with KT77's in it. My band just finished a batch of decent sounding demos. We're going to finish mixing them in a little bit, I'm let you know when I upload them.

Some of the demos on my profile right now use the Traynor, but you'll have to look at the track info to find out which ones.
Ignore youtube, you can't tell anything from it. The YCV is a seriously great amp. And you could pick up an AC30 for $700 if you look around - a used Custom Classic is probably your best bet. I've seen mark series Mesas go for $500, so surely a Vox shouldn't be that hard.

Also, the Laney VC30 is a very similar, cheaper amp and you'll find plenty of people on UG who're very happy with theirs.
^Agreed. Youtube isn't the best place to make your judment, since most of it recorded with a camera mic.
Also, the YCV40 IS a good amp. The YCV50 Blue is the best Marshall sounding production line amp under 1000.

However...Here's a good YCV40 clip or two:
kurt Cobain Used a Twin Reverb in nirvana for his cleans so its an idea and countless over people have used them as someone above said so did jack white.
the Fender hot rod deluxe is a great amp. go try it out yourself and see. your more than welcome to go to my profile and listen to any song on there to hear what that amp can do. (the song light a fire is the exception, i use an old bassman)