I seem to be having a spell of writers block. Its really annoying me. It seems like the riffs i'm writing currently all kinda have the same feel to it. Like i hear what i wanna play in my head, but i cant seem to transpose it to the fretboard. Anyone got any tips for me, that will help with the writing process. Oh, and if it matters, I play DeathMetal/Hardcore/Metalcore, style stuff.

also i had another question, i've been playing for about 7yrs, never had a lesson,and i'm pretty damn good, but a couple people i know who have been playing less time then me but had lessons are better then me when it comes to writing and soloing and what not. So is lessons really worth it at this stage, i almost feel like i've brought myself as far as i can on my own, and that lessons would really help me become a better songwriter and player all around. Does anyone agree or disagree ?
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just listen to new music. or teach yourself some new techniques.
allways works for me