Okay, so I've finally stored the cash away and am ready to invest in a set of new pickups for my C-1+. This will be an all out shred/metal/metalcore machine, and cleans are not too important. Active or passive is not an issue. I'd ideally want price to be below $250 total. Here's what I had in mind:

- DiMarzio D-Activator X set
- DiMarzio Super Distortion (B)/DiMarzio Air Norton (N)
- Seymour Duncan Blackout set
- EMG 81/60

Rig is in my signature. I am personally leaning towards the Blackouts, but I have heard good things about the D-Activator X pickups. Any other suggestions are also appreciated.
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+1 on the Blackouts.

Sound amazing, although i have no comparison to your other choices. =(