I found this in my song book yesterday. I got my username from this.

a Troll in a Tree by the name of gnomefry
twas twanging and twiddling on her les paul copy
till a band called Gruff, which consisted of three
shouted enough already, as they looked up at she

a bass player, a singer ,and a drummer were thee
with no guitarist to wail the band felt empty
little troll we heard you play and we all do agree
you should join our band and we'll tour the big city

we'll rent us a van, and make a demo CD
and if we get famous we'll hire a roadie
so what say thee troll to our offer and plee
will you join with the Gruff or remain a groupy

alas said the troll looking down from the canopy
i have no amp, just a guitar and little money
the singer cried out classic amps are too pricey
but Troll, you got plenty for a simulator thingy

you can play through the monitor, it'll sound fine you'll see
instead of just one amp the thing can emulate thirty
so off they all went to jam, tour and be and happy
the band, the Troll and her new Pod X3.
****ing....... epic xD t'was a nice one cheered me up, ty
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This was in your songbook? that means its copyrighted and you cant post it here....I think read the rules

By songbook, I meant a notebook where I keep lyrics of mine. Thanks magvol.